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  • The Men In Black - Sept.19,2009
  • The L!NKS - Sept.5,2009
  • My Big Birthday Bash - 2009
  • Click to see the Joy of SAX, and call Russ!
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    The "Tradewinds"
  • My First Steady Gig (1957)
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    at the UAW Social Club
    every Saturday night in Toronto
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    Left to right:
    - Mickey McCorquodale (Leader - seated at the piano with accordion on floor next to him)
    - Russ (saxes & flute) - check the flat-top hair!
    - Jack Kelterborn (drums)
    - George Nicols (bass)
    You could expect a fight to break out at the end of nearly every night... on one occasion a guy shoved a broken beer bottle into another guys face... what a mess
                    ... You had to have one of these --> Toronto Musicians Association Union Card ... Remember??

  • Playing with The Ramblers (1959-60)

  • Playing with Majestics (1966-70) ... click: Discography to hear Majestics on old vinyl

  • Playing with White Wail (1970-72):
  • dot.gif
    ~ and in

    Holy smokes!
      Russ     Eric   Jack     Ron   John

    (This group played at The Brass Rail)

    2005     Jack   Russ   Ron     John   Eric

  • Recording session with Frank Motley (70s)

  • Russ and Frank Motley
    Russ was commissioned to arrange some horn parts for the session to record some of Frank's original songs. ... still have tapes from that session. The yellow thing in Frank's arm was his little cassette recorder/player; black leather trumpet case in his lap.
    (Middle of back row was drummer Jerry Summers and on your far right, sax man Moe Preyour.)

  • Wailing with my son, Dan Strathdee (guitar) at The El Mocambo, Toronto
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  • Ruanne's House Band 1989-91

  • Russ with John Shand and Jerry Markman...
    johnshand (220K)

    Club Bluenote - circa 1982
    Club Bluenote
    Back Row: Wayne St.John = Domenic Troiano = Roy Kenner = Shawne Jackson = = = Jason King (head down)
    Front Row: George Olliver

    motley (11K) Frank



    Jackie Shane


    jackie (10K)

    FatsDomino (118K)
    Fats Domino

    at 1st Rock and Roll Concert,

    Mutual Street Arena,


    Photo courtesy of Gary Copeland

  • Sax Lessons...
  • Some of my students Click to enlarge dot.gif
    Soprano (Feb.12, 2007)
    Click to enlarge dot.gif
    Lucas Greenough (Sep.20,2006)
    Click to enlarge dot.gif
    Jonathan Bruce, Alto sax
    Click to enlarge dot.gif
    My cousin, Karen Bentley
    (broom sax sounds wispy)
    Click to enlarge dot.gif
    My cousin, Steve Bentley
    (his emboucher needs some work)
    Click to enlarge dot.gif
    My mom, myself and Rebecca
    ... her sound was encouraging
    Click to enlarge dot.gif
    The tenor sax might be
    a bit too big for Rebecca

  • Moonglow Recording Session (2002)

  • Slideshow of various gig scenes (Photos courtesy of Billy Roy Murnaghan)

  • Slideshow: Misc Bands ... experimental, using Javascript

  • Online photos ... experimental, using Bravenet's server

  • Old pictures 1950-1960 PowerPoint Slide Show - click to advance each slide

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