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            Circa 1966

This was one of the most exciting R&B groups to emerge in the late 60's around Toronto.

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Under the musical arranging and direction of Eric Robertson (a young musical whiz at that time), this tight band with 4-piece horn section delivered some powerful performances of rich and soulful sound.

At that time, the band consisted of:

Eric Robertson (piano),
Chris Vickery (bass),
Wes Morris (drums),
John Crone (baritone sax),
Orly Guerrieri (trombone),
Russ Strathdee (tenor & alto sax),
Brian Lucrow (trumpet),
Shawne and Jay Jackson (sister & brother) on vocals.

Here are some pictures from that era:

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Band poster from Bigland Agency
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Full band featuring Shawne Jackson
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Horns: John, Orlie, Russ, Brian
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John Crone, Orlie Guerrari, Russ
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Shawne Jackson (Isn't she beautiful?)
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Shawne & Jay Jackson
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Russ blowing with Majestics horn section
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Mug shot of Russ for Majestics poster (white hair even then)
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John Crone AKA Big Daddy

So where are they today?

Some of the early members (John Crone, Brian Lucrow, Dave Konvalenka) have carried on and the Majestics are still kicking it out. Here are some of them (Feb.2005) rockin' at Louisiana's Seafood place, Brampton, Ontario Feb.2005

Russ had the extreme pleasure to sit in for their current tenor man, Peter "Sax Rudolph" Simpson
John, Russ, Brian, Dave Konvalenka - Click to enlarge John, Russ, Brian, Dave Konvalenka - Click to enlarge Brian, Dave, Rick Santagano - Click to enlarge John and Brian - Click to enlarge