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Played the Zanzibar Tavern on Toronto's Yonge Street strip in 1959 and 1960. Our theme song was "Peter Gunn". We were in good company with the likes of Rompin' Ronnie Hawkins, Ray Smith, Bill Hayley & The Comets, Joe King's Zaniacks, Tommy Danton and the Echos, Ray Hutchinson and The Coins, Etc. Etc. - It was fabulous.

Listen to their 1960 recording: Madeleina
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ramblers(1).jpg (30K)
Back Row: John Smith, Charlie Coughlan, Peter Campolin
Front Row: Russ Strathdee, Ron Mongeon

ramblers(2).jpg (38K)
Charlie, John, Russ, Ron, Peter

ramblers(3).jpg (28K)
Our claim to fame

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